Patient Greeter


Vaccination site is seeking Patient Greeters to provide initial greeting of public entering the  Vaccination site and provide recipients with initial actions and directions to stations within the site based on triage questions/protocol.

  • Welcome recipients to POD at entrance
  • Direct recipients to appropriate POD stations based on following protocols:
    • "Do you need any help to while going through the site get your Vaccine today?

  If YES direct to support station

  • "Did you register on-line before you came to the POD today?"
    • YES Direct to Vaccine Stations
    • NO Direct to Registration Kiosks
  • "Since you have done your screening.... "


    •    "Do you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19?"

  • "Have you had any contact with a known case?"
    • "Have you tested positive to COVID-19?"
  • Provide gross screening of recipient for obvious signs and symptoms of sickness

  If YES, direct to waiting area

  • Request all public to wear an appropriate mask and instruct on tips for social distancing at the site.

Posted 45 days ago
Salary: $19 /hr
Location: Depew, NY
Job Type:
Project Temporary W2
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