• Responsibilities:
    • Thoroughly clean and tidy hotel rooms, including bedrooms and bathrooms, to meet and exceed hotel standards for guest arrival.
    • Change bed linens, make beds, and ensure that all surfaces are sanitized and free from dust.
    • Carpet Cleaning and Furniture Dusting.
    • Vacuum carpets in guest rooms and common areas.
    • Dust furniture and other surfaces to maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere.
  • Maintain Common Areas:
    • Clean and maintain common areas of the hotel, including lobbies, hallways, and public restrooms, to ensure a welcoming and well-kept environment.
    • Laundry
  • Duties:
    • Perform laundry duties as necessary, including washing, folding, and organizing linens and towels.
  • Stock and Maintain Supply Rooms:
    • Stock and maintain housekeeping supply rooms with necessary cleaning and toiletry supplies.
    • Monitor inventory levels and communicate needs to the Housekeeping Manager.
  • Customer Service:
    • Always provide a high level of customer service to guests.
    • Assist guests with requests and questions, ensuring a positive and memorable experience during their stay.
  • Damage Reporting:
    • Report any damages or repairs needed in guest rooms or common areas to the management promptly.
    • Work collaboratively with maintenance staff to address issues efficiently.
  • Lost and Found Management:
    • Report all lost and found items to the Housekeeping Manager, following hotel procedures for documentation and storage.
  • Weekend Shifts and Flexible Schedules:
    • Work weekend shifts as required by the hotel's schedule.
    • Demonstrate flexibility with work schedules, as housekeeping duties may be needed during different shifts.
  • Physical Requirements:
    • Possess the physical stamina required to perform tasks such as lifting, bending, and prolonged periods of standing.


  • Qualifications:
    • Previous experience in housekeeping or a similar role is preferred.
    • Strong attention to detail and commitment to maintaining cleanliness standards.
    • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
    • Knowledge of safety and sanitation guidelines.

Posted 35 days ago
Salary: $15 /hr
Location: Depew, NY
Job Type:
Full Time Part Time Temporary
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