Matrimonial Paralegal


The Matrimonial Paralegal will be doing typing of dictation, filing, file organization, copying, faxing, emailing to clients, and should, therefore, be able to demonstrate an ability to read, type, proofread.

Candidate will be e-filing documents in Supreme and Family Court

The Matrimonial Paralegal should have a general knowledge of Matrimonial terminology and be familiar with Summonses, Complaints, Motions, Orders to Show Cause, Subpoenas, etc.

Correspondence and other items completed will need to be copied, scanned and saved to both the physical file and our files maintained on your computer system and logged into a status screen.

The physical files will need to be pulled and returned to the shelves/bookcases and some are rather large and heavy.

Depending on the amount of experience the candidate has will determine what other responsibilities may be assigned.

The candidate should have good people/interpersonal skills and have the ability to speak well in order to assist in telephone calls to/from clients, courts, etc.

If the candidate has knowledge of submitting Vouchers, that will be a plus.


Proficiency in MSWord and Microsoft Office, PerfectLaw which maintains client files and billing, instruction provided. Of course all staff must maintain client confidence by keeping client/attorney information confidential.


Posted 4 days ago
Salary: $25 - $30 /hr
Location: Buffalo, NY
Job Type:
Full Time Permanent
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